dotPeek is a free .NET decompiler. While being a standalone tool, it is also part of ReSharper: If you tell ReSharper to navigate to the definition of a class which is located in a .dll file, it will automatically decompile the file and present you the source code.

I don't want to use ReSharper. Can I get the same or a similar functionality without ReSharper or is this a ReSharper-only feature?

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With dotPeek, I haven't found a way of integrating it into Visual Studio, so that you can view the decompiled source of some code. There is an option to add dotPeek to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer, so you can click on a DLL file and open it in dotPeek, but it's not the same experience as inline within Visual Studio.

Apparently ILSpy does have an addin which hooks into Visual Studio, though I've not used that addin myself. ILSpy is a fantastic alternative.

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    Just installed the ILSpy extension in VS 2019. It seems to work well and the ability to right click on a method name and inspect in ILSpy is very useful. It did take a minute for the context menu item to appear... possibly it was fetching debug assemblies?
    – Aaron
    Oct 9, 2020 at 1:51

From dotPeek 2019.3.2 at least, an option exists to integrate dotPeek to Visual Studio.

EDIT: I've looked into this option and, what it seems it only do, is that within dotPeek, it allows you to export a dll into a visual studio project. So this does not answer your question, sorry.


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