I know people have addressed things similar to this, but I am still confused.

I want to execute a command "Inventory.bat rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00.grib2 rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00 LoLa 25 48 33 -122 -83" in windows command line using Python.

My current Python script is:

import subprocess
subprocess.check_output(['Inventory.bat', 'rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00.grib2 rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00', 'LoLa', '25', '48', '33', '-122', '-83'])

This doesn't work when executed by Python. What am I missing?

Thanks for your help!


Under Windows, .bat files are executed by the cmd shell. To use the shell you must include the shell=True option to the subprocess functions.

subprocess.check_output(['Inventory.bat', 'rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00.grib2 rap.t00z.awp236pgrbf00', 'LoLa', '25', '48', '33', '-122', '-83'], shell=True)
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  • @Waterguy not sure, subprocess is supposed to wait until the command is finished before it returns. Possibly the cmd shell itself is starting something without waiting for it, you can check by putting an echo at the end of your batch file. If so you'd need to ask on SuperUser or elsewhere. – Mark Ransom Feb 15 '17 at 21:43

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