I'm trying to update a document's data but not an existing attached image in the document unless the user has selected a new one.

How do I copy the existing image and place it in the new document object?

function updateInspection() {

console.log('updateInspection started');

var data = $('#inspectionForm').serializeArray().reduce(function(obj, item) {
    obj[item.name] = item.value;
    return obj;
}, {});

console.log(' docID: ' + data._id);
console.log(' docREV: ' + data._rev);

if (!$('input[type=file]')[0].files[0]) {

    console.log(' Get doc Attachment First!');

    local_db.get(data._id,{attachments: true}, function(err, doc) { 
       if (err) { 
          return console.log(err); 
       } else { 

          console.log('doc._attachments: ' +doc._attachments.cover_image.content_type);

          data._attachments = doc._attachments; // THIS IS NOT WORKING

if ($('input[type=file]')[0].files[0]) {

    console.log(' Add/Update Cover Image Attachment!');

    cover_image_name = $('input[type=file]')[0].files[0].name;
    console.log(' cover_image_name: ' + cover_image_name);
    var input = document.querySelector('input[type=file]'); 
    var file = $('#coverImage').prop('files')[0];

    data[ "_attachments" ] = {
      "cover_image": {
        "content_type": "image/jpg",
        "data": file

local_db.put(data).then(function (result) {
  // handle result
  console.log('Successfully posted '+result.id);
  console.log('New_rev '+result.rev);

}).catch(function (err) {



If you call db.get() with {attachments: false} then you can re-insert that same document with whatever non-attachment changes you want. The attachments will be marked as stub:true in the JSON, which PouchDB interprets as "aha, I can just check the checksum, and I don't need to re-insert the whole attachment blob."

So in your case, just do db.get('id', {attachments: false}) if the blob is unchanged, and then re-insert that same document with the changes.

  • Thank you Nolan! You are so very appreciated!!! – Bill Stephenson Feb 15 '17 at 23:29
  • I found this to help with that: for(var k in data) doc[k]=data[k]; – Bill Stephenson Feb 15 '17 at 23:31

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