I have a slight issue when build my Xcode project, get tones of warning after update pod. It looks like this

enter image description here

Already search the whole site here but still no luck. it doesn't affect the project but it is quite annoying. Anyone could help?

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    I am also seeing this with firebase analytics since updating to ios 10.3 / Xcode 8.3 beta – kball Feb 21 '17 at 5:53
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    Firebase has fixed the issue and we are preparing a release. We also have checked if the warning messages represent a real problem and we found no issue associated with them. Sorry for the inconvenience. – Guilherme Puglia Mar 31 '17 at 1:14
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    Thank you for letting us know, do you have any idea when it will be released @GuilhermePuglia? – Jakub Truhlář Apr 5 '17 at 12:17
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    We hit some bumps in the road during our validation process, we are working towards launching it earlier next week. I will update this once we launch the new version. – Guilherme Puglia Apr 6 '17 at 21:08
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    Version 3.16.0 should fix this. firebase.google.com/support/release-notes/ios – Jakub Truhlář Apr 13 '17 at 8:15

It probably means their binary file has non-aligned pointer when they compile their code. In those cases the alignment basically defaults to 1 byte and hypothetically might impact performance. After updating to Xcode 8.3 public release I am still seeing this error, so Google might need to compile their static library with different settings to make it go away.

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    That's correct, we're aware of the warnings being generated, and we're working on an update to remove the warnings. – Rizwan Sattar Mar 30 '17 at 21:01
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    @RizwanSattar What is the status of the fix? – cbartel Apr 10 '17 at 15:09
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    The protobuf warnings should be gone as they've updated their pod. If you run pod update, most of the warnings should be gone. We're preparing a release of firebase tha should get rid of the remainder of the warnings. – Rizwan Sattar Apr 12 '17 at 1:11
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    @RizwanSattar running pod update does not remove any of the warnings currently – jakedunc Apr 12 '17 at 12:38
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    Firebase 3.16.0 is out and fixes these issues. Thanks! – tzm41 Apr 13 '17 at 1:07

Got this response from firebase support:

This is a known issue with Xcode 8.3 beta, so it might be a beta thing and Xcode being extra verbose. It works well though with 8.2.1 so I recommend temporarily use it to avoid the warnings or ignore the warnings on 8.3 beta if it does not affect your app.

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    It's a problem in xcode 8.3 release. How embarrassing for google. Firebase already causes notification warnings when uploading your app. I'm going to ditch it. I'm sick of them not having their act together. – Chris Van Buskirk Mar 28 '17 at 0:46
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    Pretty ridiculous. It's extra frustrating because just using the Google SignIn pod automatically includes all the (unwanted) Firebase stuff - wish I could ditch it too! – cuomo456 Mar 28 '17 at 2:18
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    @michal Link to your ticket so we can star it instead of creating duplicates. – riper Mar 29 '17 at 12:04
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    Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that the Firebase team is aware of the warnings generated in Xcode 8.3 and we're working to remove them. This comes down to a compilation issue, and should not cause any problems in your code, though it's still ugly, and we shouldn't be generating any warnings. – Rizwan Sattar Mar 30 '17 at 21:00
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    The fixed pod should be available anytime today. Sorry for the inconvenience. – AniV Apr 11 '17 at 22:27

This has been fixed in Firebase 3.16.0 (Firebase Core 3.6 + Firebase Analytics 3.8.0)

  • It's true, a pod update fixed it: Installing Firebase 3.16.0 (was 3.15.0) Installing FirebaseAnalytics 3.8.0 (was 3.7.0) Installing FirebaseCore 3.6.0 (was 3.5.2) – aramusss Apr 16 '17 at 16:31
  • @aramusss How Can I update to the new Firebase SDK, is that what I put in my pod – joshLor Apr 21 '17 at 16:25
  • Use pod update in the command line (search on google if any questions) :) – aramusss Apr 21 '17 at 20:24

guys, it is all fixed now. Tested it all myself on two projects. You got to go to the correct directory of your project so that your pod spec file is visible to your command line commands, run

pod update

and see it all fixed and working properly!

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    Yes, fixed with pod update right now. +1 – burakgunduz May 25 '17 at 7:10
  • Happy to hear that ! – Dido May 25 '17 at 8:26

These problems are addressed, and likely fixed, with release 3.16.0.

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