I am attempting to use the R function readHTMLTable to gather data from the online database at www.racingpost.com. I have a CSV file with 30,000 unique ids which can be used to identify individual horses. Unfortunately a small number of these ids are leading readHTMLTable to return the error:

Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an inherited method for function ‘readHTMLTable’ for signature ‘"NULL"’

My question is - is it possible to set up a wrapper function that will skip the ids which return NULL values but then continue reading the remaining HTML tables? The reading stops at each NULL value.

What I have tried so far is this:

ids = c(896119, 766254, 790946, 556341,  62736, 660506, 486791, 580134, 0011, 580134)

which are all valid horse ids bar the 0011 which will return a NULL value. Then:

scrapescrape <- function(x) {      
  link <- paste0("http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_home.sd?horse_id=",x)      
  if (!is.null(readHTMLTable(link, which=2))) {
     Frame1 <- readHTMLTable(link, which=2)

total_data = c(0)
for (id in ids) {
  total_data = rbind(total_data, scrapescrape(id))

However, I think the error is returned at the if statement which means the function stops when it reaches the first NULL value. Any help would be greatly appreciated - many thanks.


You could analyse the HTML first (inspect the page you get, and find a way to recognise a false result), before reading the HTML table.

But you can also make sure the function returns nothing (NA) when an error is thrown, like so:


scrapescrape <- function(x) {

  link <- paste0("http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_home.sd?horse_id=",x)

    tryCatch(readHTMLTable(link, which=2), error=function(e){NA})


ids <- c(896119, 766254, 790946, 556341,  62736, 660506, 486791, 580134, 0011, 580134)

lst <- lapply(ids, scrapescrape)


Using rvest you can do:

paste0("http://www.racingpost.com/horses/horse_home.sd?horse_id=", ids) %>% 
  map(possibly(~html_session(.) %>% 
                 read_html %>% 
                 html_table(fill = TRUE) %>% 
               NULL)) %>% 

The last line discards all "failed" attempts. If you want to keep them just drop the last line

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