I use MATLABs git support in the development of my code, often committing, pushing and all the standard source control stuff.

However, I have only used MATLABs user interface that basically works by right clicking on the folder and navigating through the menu until the right choice is found (see image below).

Is there a way to make MATLABs command window run git commands, instead of needing to navigate trough the menu each time?

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You can use the system command line escape ! for git commands within MATLAB. Eg:

!git status
!git commit -am "Commit some stuff from MATLAB CLI"
!git push

You'll need to have Git installed on your system for this to work.

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I like to put the following function on my path:

function varargout = git(varargin)
% GIT Execute a git command.
% GIT <ARGS>, when executed in command style, executes the git command and
% displays the git outputs at the MATLAB console.
% STATUS = GIT(ARG1, ARG2,...), when executed in functional style, executes
% the git command and returns the output status STATUS.
% [STATUS, CMDOUT] = GIT(ARG1, ARG2,...), when executed in functional
% style, executes the git command and returns the output status STATUS and
% the git output CMDOUT.

% Check output arguments.

% Specify the location of the git executable.
gitexepath = 'C:\path\to\GIT-2.7.0\bin\git.exe';

% Construct the git command.
cmdstr = strjoin([gitexepath, varargin]);

% Execute the git command.
[status, cmdout] = system(cmdstr);

switch nargout
    case 0
    case 1
        varargout{1} = status;
    case 2
        varargout{1} = status;
        varargout{2} = cmdout;

You can then type git commands directly at the command line, without using ! or system. But it has an additional advantage, in that you can also call the git command silently (no output to the command line) and with a status output. This makes it quite convenient if you're creating a script for an automated build, or release process.

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  • This is very interesting! How do you call it? git('commit',-'am','"mycomment"')? Can you give some examples for posterity? – Ander Biguri Feb 16 '17 at 11:42
  • 1
    You can either call it in "command style" - i.e. you just type git commit -m "mycomment" at the MATLAB command line, or you can call it in "function style" - i.e. you use [status, cmdout] = git('commit', '-m', '"mycomment"');. I would use the first style if I'm just working interactively, but if I were building an automated build or release script I'd use the second. – Sam Roberts Feb 16 '17 at 11:47
  • As an example, I worked with a client recently to create a build and release script. The script called git status to ensure that local dev was up to date with the remote dev; called git checkout -b to make a release branch; updated the version number of the code in a Contents.m file; checked out dev and master, and called git merge to merge from the release branch; called git push to push dev, master and the release branch back to remote; and finally checked out master and called a makefile to build an artefact with MATLAB Compiler. – Sam Roberts Feb 16 '17 at 11:57
  • All of that was done using the "functional style", with the status output, to check that each step had succeeded. The functional style ensures that there is no output to the command line, so the build script can run silently. – Sam Roberts Feb 16 '17 at 11:59
  • Oh wow. I need to implement this for my software (TIGRE) to have some proper building and releasing approach – Ander Biguri Feb 16 '17 at 12:02

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