I'm doing an exploit type challenge. The challenge's binary to exploit uses a modified version of libc.so.

So before running linux server or radare2 / ida, the export environment variable LD_PRELOAD=/path2/libc_modified.so and then I put a breakpoint at the first assembly statement of the main. With ida I cannot launch binary however I can attach to process, but the breakpoints inserted after a read are bypassed so ida cannot stop and I can't debug binary.

With radare2 I can launch binary but breakpoint inserted at first instruction of main are bypassed.

I can debug executables that doesn't use libraries to be loaded with the LD_PRELOAD and my breakpoints are catched.

Does anyone know the cause of this behavior?

  • Don't add LD_PRELOAD to the start command of your IDA/r2, as your modified libc can be overmodified and will break IDA/r2. Try to change environment variables from IDA or r2 to change them only for target application. Also check for static constructors (init sections) which runs before main(), and the output of ltrace -S ./target_app can be useful too. – osgx Feb 19 '17 at 5:09
  • I suggest you ask on the StackExchange reverse engineering site – julian Mar 15 '17 at 22:25

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