I built a VR game using Unity, that includes the GoogleVR SDK for Cardboard support.

On Android, it works like a charm: the VR mode is activated with stereoscopic view with the Cardboard distortion.

On iOS, however, it's fine on Unity's emulator but not on device: no stereoscopic view, no gyroscope movement. The GoogleVR SDK seems to have been disabled. I reproduced this with GoogleVR's sample project. Following these instructions: https://developers.google.com/vr/unity/get-started-ios

What's expected (screenshot from Android):


What's happening (screenshot from iOS):



  • Unity 5.4.2f2 - GV13 Personal
  • Google VR SDK for Unity v1.10
  • Xcode 8.2
  • iPhone 6 iOS 10.1 and iPhone 7 iOS 10.2.1

What am I doing wrong and what should I check? Thanks!

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    Tried again from scratch, using the newest Google VR SDK for Unity (v1.20) and encountered the same problem agin. Any help welcome! Feb 21, 2017 at 18:12

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Upgrading to Unity 5.5+ solved the issue.

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