I'm trying to create a Popup Menu, much like the example in the docs, but the fluid attribute stops working if I wrap the popup in a ui item class as well as a menu class. Instead the popup just appears as wide as the button.

I need the ui item class in order to keep my my menu elements lined up properly, so I'm looking for a work around in order to keep the fluid attribute (or get an equivalent effect) with both the menu and item classes in place.

My code looks a bit like this (with some additional elements mixed in, but this code is sufficient to replicate the error):

<div class="ui menu">
<!-- Removing ether menu above, or item below will cause the fluid tag to work -->
  <div class="ui item">

    <div class="ui button">
    <div class="ui fluid popup">
    <!-- fluid class currently has no effect -->
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And a working jsfiddle:



The problem is that fluid is taking on the width of the item container, as explained to me here:


The solution is to declare the popup outside of the item and explicitly point to it rather than using inline.

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