My language is right-to-left and not left-to-right like English. When I'm trying to use the two columns layout (Page Layout->Columns->Two), the first column (beginning of the text) is the left column and it continues in the right column, although in my language the two columns should be swapped.

How can I fix it and swap the two columns?

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  1. From the Microsft Word ribbon (Menu), select "Page Layout"
  2. Columns => More Columns
  3. In the new window, check "Right to Left"

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Check this link at Microsoft community

  1. Go to the Page Setup dialog
  2. Choose Layout tab
  3. In the Section part change the Section direction from "Left-to-right" to "Right-to-left"
  4. Click ok

In my MS Word, I don't get any LTR or RTL option in the Section part, it could be because I don't have any RTL language installed.

Hope that helps.


You should add language Arabic(Algeria) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2JYjNvvY4s

1 Microsft Word select "Page Layout"

2 Columns => More Columns

3 check "Right to Left"

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