I want to add pdb—the Python debugger—to my toolbox. What's the best way to get started?

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Here's a list of resources to get started with the Python debugger:

  1. Read Steve Ferb's article "Debugging in Python"
  2. Watch Eric Holscher's screencast "Using pdb, the Python Debugger"
  3. Read Ayman Hourieh's article "Python Debugging Techniques"
  4. Read the Python documentation for pdb — The Python Debugger
  5. Read Chapter 9—When You Don't Even Know What to Log: Using Debuggers—of Karen Tracey's Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging.
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# epdb1.py -- experiment with the Python debugger, pdb
import pdb
a = "aaa"
b = "bbb"
c = "ccc"
final = a + b + c
print final

Now run your script:

$ python epdb1.py
(Pdb) p a
  • Or copy the code to ipython wrapping it in a function. – Timo Feb 8 at 15:46

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