I would like to know if there's any way I can attach application-specific metadata to my global variables in HLSL shaders. I know that HLSL supports annotations on global variables, but I can't find any way of reading those annotations (presumably via the reflection API) without using the Effects Framework, which my application doesn't use. Is there any way of attaching application-specific metadata to global variables in HLSL? (Preferably without inferring special meaning from the variables' names.)

Use case: I want my application to be able to detect whether a float4 global is being used as a color or as a simple 4-float vector. In the case where it's a color, the application would display the variable using a color-picker in the UI.


If you are not using the Effects Framework (in D3DX), you can use the Effects for DX11 library to read the values for these annotations. This is library is not a part of the DirectX SDK itself, and thus, it not specifically deprecated like D3DX. In fact, it's stated intended purpose is:

Effects 11 is being provided as a porting aid for older code that makes use of the Effects 10 (FX10) API or Effects 9 (FX9) API in the deprecated D3DX9 library. See MSDN for a list of differences compared to the Effects 10 (FX10) library.

Other than annotations, there is no built-in way to attach meta-data to variables, other than with naming schemes (or other such implicit hints).

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