I have Aptana installed within Eclipse. I'm working on a project with the dojo 1.2 JavaScript library installed.

When I open one of dojo's dijit .js files, the code is formatted in a rather difficult to read way. The Eclipse "Outline" view shows a list of functions with names like "_2" and "ew". Not very human friendly.

I'm talking about source code that looks like this:

dojo.declare("dijit.InlineEditBox",dijit._Widget,{editing:false,autoSave:true,buttonSave:"",buttonCancel:"",renderAsHtml:false,editor:"dijit.form.TextBox",editorParams:{},onChange:function(_1){ },onCancel:function(){ },width:"100%",value:"",noValueIndicator:"    ✍    ",constructor:function(){ this.editorParams={}; },postMixInProperties:function(){ this.inherited(arguments); this.displayNode=this.srcNodeRef; var _2={ondijitclick:"_onClick",onmouseover:"_onMouseOver",onmouseout:"_onMouseOut",onfocus:"_onMouseOver",onblur:"_onMouseOut"}; for(var _3 in _2){ this.connect(this.displayNode,_3,_2[_3]); } dijit.setWaiRole(this.displayNode,"button"); if(!this.displayNode.getAttribute("tabIndex")){ this.displayNode.setAttribute("tabIndex",0); } this.attr("value",this.value||this.displayNode.innerHTML); },setDisabled:function(_4){ dojo.deprecated("dijit.InlineEditBox.setDisabled() is deprecated. Use attr('disabled', bool) instead.","","2.0"); this.attr("disabled",_4);

How do I get a clearer, "friendlier" view of such a .js file?

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You should be able to download uncompressed versions of the library at dojotoolkit.org. Here is the source tree for 1.2.2.

You should download the dojo source distribution because the "standard" release is compressed with dojo ShrinkSafe tool (something similar to yui compress method based on Rhino) that is 100% safe and saves about 20% space usage. Within the source archive you will find an Util folder full with utils tools for unit testing, compressing, building and documenting :)

http://download.dojotoolkit.org/ - here you will find a list of all downloadable distributions

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