I have installed jenkins on my centos7 server and tried to build a maven build. Created a new maven build job and in SCM I was trying to pull the code from github but it showed me an error like...

Failed to connect to repository : Command "git ls-remote -h https://github.com/example.git HEAD" returned status code 128: stdout:  stderr: remote: Invalid username or password. fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://github.com/example.git/'

And also I setup an SSH public keys to my github. I don't know how to solve this. Anyone help me.Thanks in advance.


also I setup an SSH public keys to my github

That would have zero impact on an HTTPS URL: the SSH key is ignored.

Check if you havbe a git credential helper in place which might cache your credentials (GitHub username/password)

git config credential.helper

For instance, it could be 'cache'.

I would recommend (as in this answer) to set it to gnome-keyring:

git config --global credential.helper gnome-keyring

Then try again your git ls-remote, from command-line:

git ls-remote https://<yourUsername>@github.com/<yourUsername>/<yourRepo.git>

That should prompt for your GitHub username/password. Once entered, a second git ls-remote should not ask again for your credentials.

From there, an SCM process from your Jenkins, as long as said Jenkins runs with your account, should work.

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