How to get from an Iterator like this

val it = Iterator("one","two","three","four","five")

a map like

Map(four -> 4, three -> 5, two -> 3, five -> 4, one -> 3)

 var m = Map[String, Int]()
      while (it.hasNext) {
        val cell = it.next()
        m += (cell -> cell.length())

this is a solution using var but I'd like to use just Immutable and val variable.

If I use the for yield statement the returning object would be a Iterator[Map] and I do not want that:

val m = for(i<- it if it.hasNext) yield Map(i->i.length())
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    Your for version is very odd. You don't need the if - the for already handles that, and you yield a separate Map for each entry, instead ot just the tuple. {for (i <- it) yield (i -> i.length)}.toMap would do it. Commented Feb 17, 2017 at 13:18

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You can just use map:

val m = it.map(c => c -> c.length).toMap

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