I am using the memcached latest , may i know what is the max key length ,and max size of the value we can store in the memcached ?

How to integrate the memcached with spring , any idea please .

If you look at the source the max size of the key is 250 bytes. (look for the KEY_MAX_LENGTH key)

The Maximum size of the object is 1MB by default. But there is an easy way where you can change that by making minor changes in the config. You can look at this.

On integrating memcached with spring, Am not very sure, But you can look at this. It has details on how to use it here.

Hope this helps.

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    Beautiful answer with link to source. This answer should be accepted. – Chuck Batson May 23 '17 at 18:50
  • @pratikvasa max key size is 250 characters not 250 bytes. – Ravipati Praveen Apr 13 at 9:39

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