I am developing a dynamic blog website using spring MVC . recently I heard about sitemap which helps search engines to crawl through the websites having dynamic pages and improves SEO, my question is 1)how can I generate such sitemap.xml file and submit it on search engines . 2)what if I add new article daily? so I need to again submit my sitemap to search engines. I am newbie to SEO and all and really confused about this stuff . So please guide me how can I generate my sitemap.xml file and submit it to search engine as soon as I add new article in my database.


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Your assumption that an XML sitemap for SEO is beneficial is correct - it's a URL discovery method for search engines.

There's already an answer for generating the XML sitemaps with Spring MVC : How to generate the correct sitemap namespace using JAXB and Spring @ResponseBody in controller?

When generating your XML sitemap, filter out any pages that don't pass the following conditions:

  • Do not return a valid 200 response code
  • Contains a meta level "noindex" or x-robots NOINDEX http header
  • Contains a canonical reference to a different page, i.e. /example.html rel="canonical" href="page.html"
    • Page is blocked by robots.txt

The idea is to keep the XML sitemap as clean as possible; no redirects, no blocked URLs, etc...

Other important actions:


I use Integrity Pro for custom web apps. There are a lot of free apps but this is the easiest.


The best way to generate a sitemap is to use a sitemap generator. For example you can try Slickplan.

It has the site crawler, which you can use to import the structure of your website and create a sitemap from it. At the end you can export your sitemap in several file formats, and also thanks to a few integration modules import it directly to CMS: WordPress, Joomla!, cocnrete5, Drupal and ExpressionEngine.

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