I need to determine if my program is running with full administrator rights. By that I mean if uac is turned on (for win vista/7) that I need to determine if the program actually has admin rights (like if the user right clicked and selected "run as administator") and not limited by uac. How do I do this in C++?


Other alternatives are: IsUserAnAdmin or AccessCheck

Checking the TOKEN_ELEVATION* stuff in the token is not required for testing the current process but it is useful if you need to find out if the user could elevate because they have a split token etc.


An expansion on Anders' answer for those (like me) who are less Windows literate:

    BOOL isMember;
    PSID administratorsGroup = NULL;

    if (!AllocateAndInitializeSid(&SIDAuthNT, 2,
        0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0,
        throw(oops_t(GetLastError(), "AllocateAndInitializeSid"));

    if (!CheckTokenMembership(nullptr, administratorsGroup, &isMember))
        throw(oops_t(GetLastError(), "CheckTokenMembership"));

    if (!isMember)
        throw(oops_t(ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, "Test for Admin privileges"));

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