We've successfully installed APCu and apc-bc against PHP 7.0.16 and phpinfo() shows both as loaded, as follows:


APC Compatibility 1.0.3

APCu Version 5.1.8

Build Date Feb 16 2017 19:19:59

However, neither the apc nor the apcu section shows the apc.rfc1867 values (as apcu 4.0.10 did in PHP 5.6)

And when trying to run our code against this PHP 7.0 implementation the following error displays:

PHP initialisation variable apc.rfc1867 must be set to 1

But the rfc1867 related values are set as follows in our php.ini: (this works perfectly against PHP 5.6)



The apc.rfc1867 functionality is really important to us and any help in understanding where we're going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

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After following unsuccessful attempts at achieving a solution from both the PHP team - bug 74131, and from the apc development owner - issue 22, we have been forced to conclude that apc.rfc1867 is non-functional as at PHP 7 and have therefore migrated away from apc.

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