I want to calculate the skew of a timeseries (stock returns) of the previous 30 days on a rolling basis (thus, getting daily values).

Dataset looks like:

Stock   date    month   year    return
1SF7    1/07/2016   7   2016    0.94
1SF7    5/07/2016   7   2016    0.91
1SF7    6/07/2016   7   2016    0.82
1SF7    7/07/2016   7   2016    0.95


Currently, I tried proc means and just calculate month-end skewness

            proc means data=have; by year month;
                output out= want (drop= _freq_ _type_ ) skew(return)=Skew_monthly; 

Anyone has an idea for rolling skewness? I know there is a question here that asks for rolling skewness, but the answer to that only outputs one value per 30 days, but I want daily values.

Thankful for any input! Marc


Thanks, I managed it with the array version:

data want; array p{0:29} _temporary_;
    set have; by symbol;
        if symbol then call missing(of p{*});
            p{mod(_n_,30)} = return;
                skew = skewness(of p{*});
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    I'm not sure if that IF statement is correct. Make sure to double check your answer. If expect it to be if FIRST.Symbol ... – Reeza Feb 20 '17 at 11:42
  • Reezea, you're absolutely right. It's first.symbol. Thanks! – MaBo88 Feb 21 '17 at 23:11

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