I am learning Ruby on Rails and I am not sure what my understanding is correct.

I just define a method in controller:

def create
  page_params = params.require(:page).permit(:title, :body, :slug)
  @page = Page.new(page_params)
  #render text: @page.to_json
  redirect_to @page

First, I store the form data into an instance variable @page, and I use render text: @page.to_json to see the content in the object, which contains:

  id: null,
  title: "This a new post",
  body: "This a new post This a new post",
  slug: "This a new post",
  created_at: null,
  updated_at: null

The first question is that it seems that there is no url information in the @page, how does Rails know the path by @page?

The other question is when I pass this instance object into redirect_to, does it an syntactic sugar of redirect_to url_for(@page)?


The routes are defined in the routes.rb file. For more details, refer http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html. To see the routes of your application there are two ways i.e.

a. Execute rake:routes in your terminal.
b. Open localhost:3000/anywrongroute

It will display all the routes in your application.

  1. Yes
  • Thanks very much – PJCHENder Feb 21 '17 at 0:04

I found that @Horse Voice has asked a similar question before and @Nishant has provided a good explanation here.

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