I'm making a website, and I have a problem. Or more exactly, I don't know how to solve the blank page problem.

I'm making a website, where if you swipe right, some data will be inseret in the database, and then the webpage will refresh. After refresh, a blank page is shown, and then the normal webpage with all it's html.

How can I put a loader image on the blank page before the DOM is ready? I'm using jquery and jquery mobile.

The webpage is this: http://meetmean.comxa.com/KlausApp/home.php . If you swipe to right, or left, it will show you an alert box, and then the page will refresh. I want the blank page that is shown after to be a loading image.


I had kind of the same problem and my solution is: I covered the (blank one you were talking about) HTML page with a full screen black background and a css animation in the div , and I hide that div when the page is fully loaded using JavaScript

window.onload = function () { $('body').toggleClass('loaded'); };

This function will run when the all the content in your html body is fully loaded. This code will add a class named loaded to your html body, in my style.css file the loaded class will hide the full screen div. it was one of the ways to have a loader in your page and it's up to you , there are many ways to do this.


Take an SVG animation file and keep it wherever you want to show it in the page.. Previously keep its display property none ..if you are using (jQuery) AJAX (i.e. $.ajax()) to fetch the data you can use the on complete callback function in the AJAX options to fadeout the SVG when the animation comes.

function ajaxCall(){
    $.ajax({url: "demo_test.txt", complete: function(result){

Here as soon as the function is called the SVG animation appears.. and soon as AJAX gets response the SVG is faded out. You can get loading animations from http://loading.io


You could use some of loaders from this page: https://demos.jquerymobile.com/1.2.0/docs/pages/loader.html

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