I have installed timidity on a dedicated Linux server. when I try to convert a midi to a wav or mp3:

timidity toto.midi -Ow -o out.wav

I always get an error couldn't open output device

Any idea ?


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On linux, timidity likes to open /dev/dsp even when it doesn't need to (for bystanders, -Ow means wav file output).

Virtual servers often don't have a meaningful /dev/dsp. There are several VMs wanting to use the same audio hardware, which in any case lacks speakers and an audience.

On my box, I solved this by symlinking /dev/dsp to /dev/null:

cd /dev
rm dsp        #/dev/dsp was a symlink to /dev/dsp0
ln -s null dsp

Which works. To bed that in over reboots, you need a file called something like /etc/udev/rules.d/z42_fake_dsp.rules, with contents a bit like this:

KERNEL=="null", SYMLINK+="dsp", OPTIONS+="link_priority=99"

though I haven't actually tested it over a reboot.


I don't have timidity installed, but reading the man page:

It says:

timidity [options] filename [...] 

The options look OK, but try following the order (some programs have ordering issues):

timidity -Ow -o out.wav toto.midi

The other thing that might be an issue is that you really cannot write to out.wav file, so check:

  • That there's no out.wav in the current folder,
  • That you are in a folder you have write permissions to
  • I tried it : same result ! timidity -Ow -o out.wav toto.midi Couldn't open output device – yarek Nov 22 '10 at 9:26

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