Frustratingly, I'm working with a table where the row name should be a value. How can I select that row in SQL Server based on a value? I'm aiming at something that looks like this:

;with QueryItems as 
    select year, model 
    from items
select ?QueryItems.model? as Price
from Pricing
where Year = QueryItems.year 

Items table:

item    year      model
xx     2001       MODELC
yy     2002       MODELA
zz     2002       MODELD

The pricing table is the weird one, set up as:

2000   100       101       102      103
2001   205       206       250      300
2002   1000      1200      1500     1700

Results I'm aiming for:

item   year   model   price   
xx     2001   MODELC   250
yy     2002   MODELA  1000
zz     2002   MODELD  1700
  • try a dynamic query – McNets Feb 20 '17 at 20:44
  • do you need one select for every model? – McNets Feb 20 '17 at 20:58
  • I'm looking for a table of results that would return this as part of a larger query. – Patrick Schomburg Feb 20 '17 at 21:02
  • its not clear to me, doesn't a inner join between table and pricing do the job= – McNets Feb 20 '17 at 21:07
  • 1
    You need unpivot your pricing table, then you can join to your item table. – Juan Carlos Oropeza Feb 20 '17 at 21:22


use unpivot and then join to your item table.

WITH cte as (
    SELECT [Year], [Model], [Price]
          FROM pricing) p
        ([Price] FOR [Model] IN 
                     ([MODELA], [MODELB], [MODELC], [MODELD])
        ) as unpvt
SELECT i.*, c.price
FROM cte c
JOIN items i 
  ON c.[Year] = i.[Year]
 AND c.[Model] = i.[model]


enter image description here


What a bad design :( Anyway, you can do what you want in a number of ways and one way is to use UNPIVOT:

declare @t1 table (item varchar(10),    year int,      model varchar(10));
insert @t1 (item,year,model) values 

declare @t2 table (year int, modela int, modelb int, modelc int, modeld int);

insert @t2 (YEAR,   MODELA,    MODELB,    MODELC,   MODELD) values
(2000,100 ,101 ,102 ,103 ),
(2001,205 ,206 ,250 ,300 ),

with up as
  select year, v, model
  (select YEAR, MODELA, MODELB, MODELC, MODELD from @t2) p
   (v for model in (MODELA,    MODELB,    MODELC,   MODELD)) as unp
select t1.*, up.v from @t1 t1 inner join up on t1.year = up.year and t1.model = up.model;

This can be done with standard SQL, albeit a bit ugly:

select i.item, 
       case i.model 
           when 'MODELA' then p.MODELA 
           when 'MODELB' then p.MODELB 
           when 'MODELC' then p.MODELC 
           when 'MODELD' then p.MODELD 
       end as price
from Items i INNER JOIN Pricing p ON p.year = i.year

Rextexter demo


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