I am getting this Feb 21, 2017 1:55:04 AM UTC showing in sentry.io but then I want the timezone showing America/Vancouver so the issue showing in sentry.io would match my timezone correctly.

But somehow I don't seem to find anywhere to set this timezone. I thought it was using the server timezone so I set the timezone on server to America/Vancouver already but still no luck.

Can someone please give me a hand?

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In Sentry 9, the timezone setting is now under User Settings > Account Details. After changing this, you do have to reload the issues page in your browser in order for the new times to be reflected.

enter image description here

As of this writing, they haven't yet updated their documentation to reflect this change, but for future reference: "How can I change the timezone in Sentry?".

  • If the time shown does not update even after updating the timezone in sentry, make sure you do a hard refresh on the browser. Ctrl + Shift + R. The time will now be updated. Just adding this comment for anyone else who might have faced this issue apart from me.
    – Arun T
    Commented Oct 26, 2023 at 23:01

you can set the sentry time zone by going to Account Settings -> Appearance as depicted in below picture.

enter image description here

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