I am browsing NTL code, but can' find struct _ntl_gbigint_body definition:

$ grep -r _ntl_gbigint_body *
include/NTL/ZZ.h:WrappedPtr<_ntl_gbigint_body, Deleter> rep;
include/NTL/lip.h:struct _ntl_gbigint_body;
include/NTL/lip.h:typedef _ntl_gbigint_body *_ntl_gbigint;
Binary file src/RR.o matches
Binary file src/GF2E.o matches
src/lip.cpp:typedef WrappedPtr<_ntl_gbigint_body, _ntl_gbigint_deleter> _ntl_gbigint_wrapped;
Binary file src/mat_ZZ_p.o matches

I am just curious Where it is defined.

  • I have no clue, but maybe there is a C++ trick somewhere in lip.h? I will add the C++ tag. – AbcAeffchen Feb 22 '17 at 15:59
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After discussing with Victor Shoup, the author of NTL, he gave the answer:

It's actually never declared.
A pointer to it is like a void pointer, but with better error checking.

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