Is there any way to overlay the NSScroller over the content of the scroll view (like in iOS)? I've already tried several approaches:

a) setting the frame of the scroll view content view (NSClipView) to extend into the bounds of the scroller

b) adding an NSScroller object as a subview of the scroll view (positioned where I want)

c) creating an entirely custom scroller view and placing it as a subview (this worked, but that would mean that I need to rewrite all the functionality of NSScroller)

Sparrow seems to successfully do this, and it seems to do it through a regular NSScroller subclass (seeing as it responds to the scroll settings set in System Preferences >> Appearance). It's not really drawing the scroller that's the issue, its just making it overlay the content.

Any advice is appreciated :-)

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Here's where you can set the custom class of your scrollbars.

After that, by overriding the -tile method of NSScrollView, you'll get them placed properly.

Here is my solution : Create a MyScroller class that extends NSScroller

In the MyScroller.m :

#import "MyScroller.h"

@implementation MyScroller

+(CGFloat) scrollerWidth{
    return 10;

+(CGFloat) scrollerWidthForControlSize:(NSControlSize)controlSize{
    return 10;

- (void) drawBackground:(NSRect) rect{
    NSBezierPath *path = [NSBezierPath bezierPathWithRoundedRect:rect xRadius:0 yRadius:0];
    [[NSColor whiteColor] set];
    [path fill];

- (void)drawKnob{
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:0]];
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:1]];
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:2]];
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:4]];
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:5]];
    [self drawBackground:[self rectForPart:6]];

    NSRect knobRect = [self rectForPart:NSScrollerKnob];
    NSRect newRect = NSMakeRect((knobRect.size.width - [MyScroller scrollerWidth]) / 2, knobRect.origin.y, [MyScroller scrollerWidth], knobRect.size.height);
    NSBezierPath *path = [NSBezierPath bezierPathWithRoundedRect:newRect xRadius:5 yRadius:5];
    [[NSColor grayColor] set];
    [path fill];

Then just set the custom class for the Scroller in Interface Builder.

  • With this solution there's no way to auto hide the scrollbars through the related property. – loretoparisi Mar 12 '12 at 23:49

I've recently released RFOverlayScrollView which should solve your problem:


Blog Post:

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