I want to Empty Share with me folder How can I empty It is My Code and I am using Google Drive V3 .

service.Permissions.Delete(PermissionID, fileId).Execute();

Both line gives a permission 403 error.

If I delete MyDrive file that time Second line he worked fine but Shared With me Folder not Deleted


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The thing you need to remember is that Share with me is not a file you actually own that is why this didn't work.


First Get a list of all files in Share with me folder.

var request = service.Files.List();
request.Q = "(sharedWithMe = true)";
request.Fields = "*";
var results = request.Execute();

Find the file you wish to delete:

var myfile = results.Files.Where(a => a.Name.ToLower().Equals("receipt.pdf")).FirstOrDefault();

Now find the permissions on that file associated with the current authenticated user:

var per = myfile.Permissions.Where(a => a.EmailAddress.ToLower().Equals("[email protected]")).FirstOrDefault();

Delete the permissions from the mail file.

service.Permissions.Delete(myfile.Id, per.Id).Execute();

I tested it and it worked. You can just run the initial request though a loop and delete everything if you wish.

Note: This does not appear to work in all cases. I have a file on my Google drive that was shared with me by what appears to be a service account. I have no permissions on the file there for i cant remove my access. I am still digging.


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