I am using the Spring API's JmsTemplate and MappingJackson2MessageConverter (version: spring-jms-4.3.4.RELEASE.jar) to publish messages to an ActiveMQ topic as shown in the below code.

TopicPublisher class:

public class TopicPublisher {

    private JmsTemplate jmsTemplate;

    private MessageConverter messageConverter;

    public void send() {
        Product product = new Product();

        jmsTemplate.convertAndSend("product.topic", product);

MappingJackson2MessageConverter class:

public class JMSTextMessageConverter {

    public MessageConverter jacksonJmsMessageConverter() {
        MappingJackson2MessageConverter mappingJackson2MessageConverter 
             = new MappingJackson2MessageConverter();
        return mappingJackson2MessageConverter;

Now, I want to set few custom headers to the JMS message being published to the topic. I googled and could not find any example which does this. Can you help ?


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You can add custom properties by using convertAndSendmethod from JmsTemplate by sending MessagePostProcessor as shown below:

jmsTemplate.convertAndSend("product.topic", product, new MessagePostProcessor() {
            public Message postProcessMessage(Message message) throws JMSException {
                message.setStringProperty("my_property", "my_value");
                return message;

Alternative lambda syntax:

            "product.topic", product,
            message -> { message.setStringProperty("my_property", "my_value"); return message;}
  • 1
    message.clearProperties(); Should Add this line before setStringProperty . Otherwise javax.jms.MessageNotWriteableException would be thrown
    – Vijay P R
    Jul 28, 2017 at 10:04
  • 7
    jmsTemplate.convertAndSend("product.topic", product, m -> { m.setStringProperty("my_property", "my_value"); return m });
    – Monish Sen
    May 29, 2018 at 13:46
  • what if I want to add ByteBuffer property, for example SQS supports Binary message attribute datatype, but I'm not sure that Spring JMS abstraction supports those? Dec 30, 2019 at 14:05
  • Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 23, 2021 at 19:02

Try something like this:

public Message<Product> send() {
    Product product = new Product();

    return MessageBuilder
            .setHeader("code", 1234) // custom header name and value

Reference: https://spring.io/blog/2014/04/30/spring-4-1-s-upcoming-jms-improvements

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