I am using log4j to log messages and the log4j properties are coming from user. I have used PropertyConfigurator.configure(Properties) to configure the properties provided by the user.

While writing test cases i am using PowerMock to mock PropertyConfigurator and configure method as well. configure() method is a void static method. I am getting nullpointer exception while trying to do so. Any way to do that?

I have tried doing


This is not working.

If possible, is there any option of doing some other way around where i will be getting seme result without using PropertyConfigurator.configure(Properties)? In that case unit testing will be easy.


Make sure you have this configuration in on your test class:

public class Test{

Your mocking should look like this:


Without PowerMockito

Wrap the PropertyConfigurator.configure(Properties) calls into a package method:

public class C{
   void configure(Properties p){

Spy the C class and mock the configure method:

C c = new C();
C sSpy = Mockito.spy(c);

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