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I would like to retrieve the inserted ID after executing this command:

db.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("INSERT INTO Table_Ressources (IdTypeRessource, IdSociete, IdTypeFormatIntitule_UR)Values (1,1,1);

How should I do it please?

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  • Here the primary key colum is identity column and it's none of the columns specified here in question? – Chetan Ranpariya Feb 21 '17 at 14:10

You want to use OUTPUT with ExecuteScalar to return the ID of the record INSERTED (or even updated).

INSERT INTO Table_Ressources (IdTypeRessource, IdSociete, IdTypeFormatIntitule_UR) 
VALUES (1,1,1);

The statement will return the ID of the inserted record.

Some reference:


How do I use an INSERT statement's OUTPUT clause to get the identity value?


Try adding SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY() to the command, and look at the return value of ExecuteSqlCommand


You need to use the "ExecuteScalar" instead of "ExecuteSqlCommand". The ExecuteScalar does what you need as explained here:


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