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How to return more than one variable from a function in Python?

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You separate the values you want to return by commas:

def get_name():
   # you code
   return first_name, last_name

The commas indicate it's a tuple, so you could wrap your values by parentheses:

return (first_name, last_name)

Then when you call the function you a) save all values to one variable as a tuple, or b) separate your variable names by commas

name = get_name() # this is a tuple
first_name, last_name = get_name()
(first_name, last_name) = get_name() # You can put parentheses, but I find it ugly
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    Your answer is much more clear, more concise, and easier to understand than several answers I have seen for similar questions. Thank you. – culix Jul 3 '12 at 4:47

Here is also the code to handle the result:

def foo (a):
    return (x,y)

(x,y) = foo(50)
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    This one is even better than from NXC, because it shows how to call it. – guerda Jan 8 '09 at 10:02

Return as a tuple, e.g.

def foo (a):
    return (x,y)

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