I am charting data with a Grafana table, and I want to aggregate all data points from a single day into one row in the table. As you can see below my current setup is displaying the values on a per / minute basis.

Grafana Table

Question: How can I make a Grafana table that displays values aggregated by day?

|        Day        | ReCaptcha  | T & C |
| February 21, 2017 |   9,001    | 8,999 |
| February 20, 2017 |      42    |    17 |
| February 19, 2017 |     ...    |   ... |

You can use the summarize function on the metrics panel. Change the query by pressing the + then selecting transform summarize(24h, sum, false) this will aggregate the past 24hr data points into a single point by summing them.



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    This is working great, thank you. For those interested in the exact query I ended up with alias(summarize(sumSeries(my_giant_query.count), '24hr', 'sum', false), 'ReCaptcha') Note: sumSeries used to aggregate data from multiple servers – DenverCoder9 Mar 1 '17 at 16:25
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    24 hours rolling is not the same as current day – Matt King Jan 31 '18 at 17:48

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