I understand that a request to a view will result in a update of its index.

However, how is this handled when other operations are performed against the db during this index. For instance, someone could update a doc that is part of that view. Or they could add a doc to that db which could impact the view being indexed? I cannot find information on this, does anyone know more?

  • Any document changes will fall at the end of the sequence of changes, so it won't impact your view until it finishes "catching up". – Dominic Barnes Feb 22 '17 at 18:57

To add to what dominic commented, unless you explicitly ask couchdb won't return a view that's in the process of being updated until it's finished. If your database handles a lot of changes, this can really be a performance drag.

The stale query option can change this behavior.

  • stale=ok -- provides the last value of the view and doesn't trigger an update.
  • stale=update_after -- provides the last value of the view and then triggers an update.

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