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C# Coding standard / Best practices

What are some of the most popular, sensible and detailed C# coding guidelines you recommend?

Related StackOverflow question: C# Coding Standard -- Sadly, this question is old and the answers point to outdated or tiny coding standard documents. With the current base of C# adoption, surely there are better C# coding guideline documents out there!

  • The accepted (and by far most popular) answer linked to the Microsoft's Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries. That's updated continuously, and I just changed the link in the answer to point to the .NET 4 version. See also [Has anybody published any C# 4 coding standards / guidelines / style guides? ](stackoverflow.com/questions/2711954/…). Nov 21, 2010 at 13:32

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You can pick one of the seven coding standards documents listed on this blog post.

These are:


This is the official document

Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers

It contains all sorts of guidelines such as Design, Naming , Useage etc.

If you're specifically interested in naming guidelines, the subset of the document contains it here

Naming Guidelines


SubMain have a freely downloadable 100+ page PDF document on C# and VB.NET coding standards. Whilst they were aimed at C#2 upon release, a lot of the guidelines are still good for C#3 and 4.

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