I've been designing a web page and I need a slider like this. How would I go about that? It's a beautiful transition, but I'm not sure how I would go about implementing it in JavaScript and CSS. Can some one please point me in the right direction?

Here's a screenshot in which there are three images in a slider.


The name for what you called "slider" is Carousel.

If you are new to web development. I would suggest you use Bootstrap,


You can easily implement a Carousel using the build JavaScript component.


If you do NOT want to introduce any dependency to your exist project, check out this PureJSCarousel project on GitHub,


Demo is here,


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  • I cant use bootstrap. im developing this with using just css and html. :( – PraBhash Feb 22 '17 at 4:47
  • What can you use? Vanilla (pure) JS and CSS? I think its a good question. – Metropolis Feb 22 '17 at 4:48
  • yes. i will use js and css. – PraBhash Feb 22 '17 at 4:52
  • I have updated the answer and found you an no dependency lib. You can refere to its implementation and write your own carousel if you wish. – Metropolis Feb 22 '17 at 4:54
  • 1
    Thanks a lot. I helped a lot to me. <3 – PraBhash Feb 22 '17 at 5:20

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