In my case, if have site with both languages, english and arabic. When I turn this(rtl:true) property on it reflects in english site as well. It should be apply when tag have the dir="rtl".

For reference of owl-carosusel https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/demos/rtl.html

Please guide, thanks


As far as I understand this issue below code may help you.

var mydir = $("html").attr("dir");

if (mydir == 'rtl') {
     var rtlVal=true
     var rtlVal=false
$('Your ID').owlCarousel({
      rtl: rtlVal,
      loop: true,
      items: 1,
      nav: true,
      dots: false,
      navText: false

You can add this line of code in your css, if HTML language is arabic then your carousel converts to be right sided.

.owl-carousel:lang(ar) { direction: ltr !important; }

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