I want to help to make regex in C# to get these strings

1) UserID.......: 21208
2) Customer.: 4340837
3) Password.........: 21208
  • by word you mean \w or [a-zA-Z] ? – Maciej Kozieja Feb 22 '17 at 7:17
  • I want to skip dots and whitespaces, I mean starts with "UserID" and ends with if any number found, acutely i am parsing email body – eahsan89 Feb 22 '17 at 7:18
  • Sooo you want only numbers to be matched ? – Maciej Kozieja Feb 22 '17 at 7:19
  • could you please provide 1) sample input 2) what you have tried so far 3) expected output – Mong Zhu Feb 22 '17 at 7:20
  • UserID, Customer, Password are keywords but numbers can be changed – eahsan89 Feb 22 '17 at 7:20

If you have fixed Keywords I would put them in a collection and foreach through it matching each single one:

string input = "Hi!. Thank you for contacting us regarding user ID and UserID for xxxx! UserID .......: 21208 Customer Number .: 4340837 Password .........: 21208 .... Contact: Attention! Customer will ensure that the User ID field that is not used by people who do not have access to the system. To ensure that all functions of xxxxx working properly, the customer must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or Firefox 3.6 or later. If a previous version or another product, you may experience problems ";

string[] matches = {"UserID", "Customer Number", "Password"};

List<string> results = new List<string>();

foreach (var m in matches)
    Match mat = Regex.Match(input, m+@"\s(\.*\:)(\s\d*)");

    results.Add (m+ mat.Groups[2].Value);

Console.WriteLine(String.Join(Environment.NewLine, results));

Basically here are 3 groups matched. The third group has the numbers that you are looking for. The second are the dots. The first would be the undesired match with keyword+dots+numbers.

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Your examples are filled with "." and ":". I guess they are optional. Can you try this regex?


From start just letters, a-Z in group 1. optional this dots and whitespaces in group 2. And on the rest to the end only numbers in group3. Second Regex is the same, but with shorthands. The first regex is more explicite.

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  • we can use "BrugerID" as fixed keyword a portion that starts with "BrugerID" ingore any dot, colon, space etc and get number next to them – eahsan89 Feb 22 '17 at 7:34
  • Just replace the [\w] or [a-zA-Z] by your fixed keyword ;) Like this: Regex: ^(BrugerID)([\.:\s]{1,})?([0-9]{1,})$ – Eskaaa Feb 22 '17 at 7:58

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