Is there any way to embed a picture with mermaid.js in a flow diagram graph node? I tried:

<div class="mermaid">
  graph LR
  A(<img src="pic.svg"></img>) --> B

Here is the API example from this thread

var mermaidAPI = mermaid.mermaidAPI;


var element = document.getElementById("app");
var insertSvg = function(svgCode, bindFunctions) {
  element.innerHTML = svgCode;
var graphDefinition = `graph LR; Systemstart-->SomeIcon(<img src='https://iconscout.com/ms-icon-310x310.png' width='40' height='40' />)`;
var graph = mermaidAPI.render("mermaid", graphDefinition, insertSvg);
<script src="https://unpkg.com/mermaid@8.0.0-rc.8/dist/mermaid.min.js"></script>

<div id="app"></div>

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