I am developing an app that allows a user to publish a Message and send it to multiple Devices.

Message and Devices are both models which are linked with a device_message pivot table using message_id and device_id as the same message can be sent to many devices.

I have an Event that fires when the Message is created. The event sends a push notification to the devices I would like to create a new column in the device_message pivot table to record whether that message was sent successfully to the device. This column is called success and is a boolean.

The event has a foreach loop which selects the relevant message record in the device_message table. Within this loop the push notification is sent. If the notification is sent successfully I want to change the success column in the pivot table to true. How do I do this?

To give some context this statement returns all the records in the pivot table for the relevant devices.

$event->message->belongsToMany('Aiir\Models\Device')->withPivot('device_id', 'message_id')->where('device_id', $event->device->id)

You can use the method updateExistingPivot on the belongsToMany relation, like this:

$message = Message::findOrFail($id);
$message->devices()->updateExistingPivot($deviceID, ['success' => true]);

This will set success to true on your pivot table.

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