I'm currently working on a local website to display weather.

I did find a nice way to show a widget using an app from http://www.meteocity.com/widget/ but it's not really working on some of our local computer because some don't have internet, just access to the server.

Here is an example of code from the widget :

<div id="cont_NzUwNTZ8NXwxfDF8MXxGRkZGRkZ8MXxGRkZGRkZ8Y3wx"><div id="spa_NzUwNTZ8NXwxfDF8MXxGRkZGRkZ8MXxGRkZGRkZ8Y3wx"><a id="a_NzUwNTZ8NXwxfDF8MXxGRkZGRkZ8MXxGRkZGRkZ8Y3wx" href="http://www.meteocity.com/france/paris_v75056/" target="_blank" style="color:#333;text-decoration:none;">Météo Paris</a> ©<a href="http://www.meteocity.com">meteocity.com</a></div><script type="text/javascript" src="http://widget.meteocity.com/js/NzUwNTZ8NXwxfDF8MXxGRkZGRkZ8MXxGRkZGRkZ8Y3wx"></script></div>

I would like my server to get the internet info and show the widget without any internet requirement, but I don't really know how to do that.

Can I mirror the html on my server ? Can I add parameters so that the server get the info before it shows it ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated ? (Don't hesitate to ask me if my question is not clear).

  • Ok so I think I have found a workaround. I'm currently hosting the widget in a page on my server and when I need it I call it using the web page link. I'll update if it works. – Gingerboy Feb 23 '17 at 10:27
  • Didn't work. I've even tried php file_get_content and curl but the server forbid me to use it to get data from the page. I suppose there is no workaround :/ – Gingerboy Feb 23 '17 at 13:55

Sadly it didn't work. I wasn't allowed to get the value because the server provider didn't allow non-human user to get it.

I used a plugin to have something similar but on the server side.

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