I have some interceptors that are used for debugging (performance, logging of method usage, etc) our JavaEE applications.

In production system I don't want those interceptors to be enabled by default but I want to have the possibility to enable them at runtime (=without a re-deploy). Is there any portable way to do this independet of the CDI implementation? If not, is there any WELD specific way to do this?

My only solution would be a global flag that must be used by those interceptors but that still has the overhead of entering the interceptor and evaluating the flag just for nothing.


This is one of the things that CDI/Weld do when they bootstrap. E.g. for an interceptor you effectively need to create a "wrapping proxy" which will handle whatever extra work you have on interceptor. Therefore, the answer is - no, you cannot do that at runtime.

However, your approach with kind of a flag is perfectly fine. The overhead of having an interceptor proxy (which does nothing) is really so tiny you should not notice. I would probably go with this approach.

  • Okay, then I will use my initial solution. Thanks.
    – grubi
    Feb 23 '17 at 12:23

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