I'm having a problem with retrieving data from a Realm Database that I have created. I have created an object titled ProgramAnswerRealm as below:

import Foundation
import RealmSwift

public class ProgramAnswerRealm: Object {
    var answerChosen: String = ""
    var imagePath: String = ""
    dynamic var category: Category!


I am writing to this and when I declare the results to a variable I can see values within the immediate window.

po dataSource.last
▿ Optional<ProgramAnswerRealm>
  ▿ some : ProgramAnswerRealm {
    answerChosen = bird;
    imagePath = ;
    category = (null);

The problem is when I try to assign a variable to my answerChosen value using the following code:


I'm not able to get a value returned. Is there something I'm doing wrong?


You just have to put dynamic when you declare your members.

When you mark a member declaration with the dynamic modifier, access to that member is always dynamically dispatched using the Objective-C runtime. Access to that member is never inlined or devirtualized by the compiler.

 public class ProgramAnswerRealm: Object {
    dynamic var answerChosen: String = ""
    dynamic var imagePath: String = ""
    dynamic var category: Category!

Don't forget if you want to add a List in your class don't mark the member declaration with the dynamic identifier.



I figured the answer out.

It turns out I needed to declare the variables as dynamic for the Object.

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