I am working on Roku application and sending static images to Roku for display of weather info.


If this.content.WeatherImagePath <> Invalid
    this.bitmaps[this.content.WeatherImagePath] = {
        request: Invalid,
        tries: 1,
        bitmap: CreateObject("roBitmap", this.content.WeatherImagePath),
        done: True
End If

I am using this images to display:

enter image description here

But I get different response on different time like:

enter image description here

And sometime there is no issue in display of images. Like:

enter image description here

Memory details of device are below:

Available memory 14927808 used 24072192 max 39000000

What can be issue?


It was not an issue on BrightSCript code.

It was ROKU firmware issue and on next firmware version this issue was resolved.

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