Till now, I had my ec2.py and ec2.ini files in the directory: /etc/ansible/inventory.

However, now as I need to run my playbook inside AWS Lambda, I need to have all the files in the root folder, which means both of those files should be in the same path as the playbook's .yml file.

So, how do I make it work?

Do I need to make changes the ansible.cfg file, or make changes in the Ansible run command, which currently is: ansible-playbook -vvv demo_provision.yml -b -e "N= bucket_name=bucket_name" ?

My ansible.cfg file is currently:

ssh_args=-o ForwardAgent=yes
sk_sudo_pass = yes

remote_user = root
host_key_checking = False
inventory = /etc/ansible/inventory/ec2.py

You can supply the inventory on the command line. If everything has to be on the same level, just copy everything there and say:

ansible-playbook -i ec2.py -vvv demo_provision.yml -b -e "N= bucket_name=bucket_name"

By default the ec2.py will search for the ec2.ini file in the same directory as your inventory, so if that's in the root that's fine as well.

You can also remove the inventory = /etc/ansible/inventory/ec2.py file from your config if you are always using the inventory provided on the command line as well

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