I'm learning selenium testing in eclipse, just started. I am trying to open firefox browser using the script . Using firefox 51 and selenium-java-3.1.0. I pasted geckodriver-v0.14.0-win64 exe file in required location and used following code:eclipse is showing error eclipse is showing error with webdriver.gecko.driver as shown in the screenshot. What could be the problem? I have added all the required jar files. from selenium 3.1.0 and also the selenium server standalone jar file

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It looks you are copied code from some where else.

All the strings in your program aren't surrounded by double quotes("). The double quotes you are seeing are actually called as curly double quotes. So, I suggest you manually type double quote(").


I used a chrome driver instead of a firefox driver. Anyway, I would like to suggest you can create a method for your driver initialization and specify the path like this. also it is well easy to use always chrome for testing!

public void setUpTest() { System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver","C:\Users\purushotha\eclipse-workspace\SeleniumJavaFramework1\drivers\chromedriver\chromedriver.exe");

    driver = new ChromeDriver();

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