I have created an account page for WooCommerce ([woocommerce_my_account]) and I have PolyLang installed. When I switch from english to another language, it only translates some of the strings - Sign out, Profile settings and Orders. The other remain in english - Dashboard, Downloads, Addresses, etc., even though they are in the same list. I've checked the woocommerce po files for missing translations, but they all seem to be intact. Any help would be appreciated.


You can't translate content of posts or pages with something based on .po / .mo files, because it is only for theme or plugin localisation, but not for multi language content.

WP PolyLang will only translates WooCommerce partially, even using Loco Translate plugin.

For content translation in Wordpress, you can chose between those two:

  • Qtranslate free plugin
  • WPML commercial plugin
  • May be there is actually some new other plugins…

Each one has its strengths and weaknesses…

See: Comparing translation plugins features regarding WooCommerce

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