I am using the following code to convert .xlsx files into .csv files.

import pandas as pd
data_xls = pd.read_excel('excelfile.xlsx', 'Sheet2', index_col=None)
data_xls.to_csv('csvfile.csv', encoding='utf-8')

The code is working, however I am getting an index column with the cell numbers which I do not want. Is there anyway to not include or remove that index column?

File output

 Unnamed  Data
    0   0.99319613
    1   0.99319613
    2   0.99319613
    3   0.99319613
    4   0.99319613
    5   0.99319613

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As noted in the docs for pandas.DataFrame.to_csv(), simply pass index=False as a keyword argument, to exclude row names.

data_xls.to_csv('csvfile.csv', encoding='utf-8', index=False)

Inspired by miradulo and fix a number conversion problem:

import pandas as pd
data_xls = pd.read_excel('excelfile.xlsx', 'Sheet2', dtype=str, index_col=None)
data_xls.to_csv('csvfile.csv', encoding='utf-8', index=False)

Can drop 'Sheet2' if there is one sheet. dtype=str to avoid number conversion.

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