I've been testing our extension in VS2017 RC and it installs perfectly but when I try to uninstall it I find that it is impossible.

It says that the extension will be uninstalled when all Visual Studio windows are closed but this does not work. When I try the same extension in other versions of Visual Studio such as 2013, there is a "Restart Now" button that appears after invoking the uninstall.

Is this a known issue or is there something wrong with my extension?


This behavior has changed with Visual Studio 2017. Close all instances of Visual Studio and the vsix installer should pop-up and ask you to modify the current installation for your extension and perform the uninstall.

A few changes to your extension are required:

  • Thanks. I've not seen that dialog come up but I have not made any VS2017 specific changes to the extension. I'll check that link. – Alan Spark Feb 23 '17 at 19:48

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