I've used Affectiva SDK for Android. It can do face detection as well emotions. I wanted to age detection for a specific usecase.

Can Affectiva Android SDK provide age detection ?

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Yes, for example:

detector = new FrameDetector(context);
detector.setImageListener(new Detector.ImageListener() {
    public void onImageResults(List<Face> faceList, Frame frame, float timeStamp) {
        for (Face face : faceList) {
            Log.i("demo", "age for face ID " + face.getId() + " is " + face.appearance.getAge());

See the open source FrameDetectorDemo sample app at https://github.com/Affectiva/android-sdk-samples for a more complete example.


Documentation does say it provides age detection as well.

Jul 2016

Windows/Linux/Android SDK 3.1

Improved emotion metrics. The valence includes new expressions in its calculation. Added models for classifying ethnicity and estimating age range.

  • Yes, the android SDK includes models for age estimation. I don't understand your question..
    – ahamino
    Apr 3, 2017 at 2:32

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